Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Dark Horse!!!

I decided to tune into the Oscars tonight - even though I promised myself that I wouldn't and didn't care. But something told me that by my tuning in, something big was going to happen and it did!!! JHud aka Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar!!! I could scream and scream. I am violently happy for her!!! I love it. A black girl, who is not subhumanly skinny, a real real black girl, who didn't win American Idol, got voted off.

This lovely young woman shot out of nowhere and is picking up awards all over the place. On the cover of Vougue! Vougue - that perinnial magazine of whiteness, she, with her big bold self (and don't get me wrong, she ain't that big) on the cover!! Good Lord her head must be spinning. That big bold voice of hers! Its time that Hollywood take notice, 110lbs does not a star make. More real looking people please, that's who we the general public can identify with. This is beautiful!!!! So wonderful yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh! Go JENNIFER!!! I love an underdog!


Anonymous Earlene said...

Good words.

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