Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Join Us

I am always mystified at how people are taken in by frauds, charlatans and hucksters. As I continue my foray of digging into Zoe Ministries, the fraudulent Rev. Run and all this other madness I am dumbfounded that people hand over their hard earned money to strange people that have to do nothing but tote a bible, quote a few choice verses and voila - money handed over. The picture on this post is that of some poor foolish woman that just handed over $10,000 of no doubt hard earned money to this Bishop Bernard and she's having what I can guess is a friggin' break down. $10,000 and there in the crowd is old Rev Run, no one is bold enough to call this guy out for what he is and that is nothing more than a confidence artist! Plain and simple.

And Al Sharpton is involved in this mess too!!! I mean he's less than desirable in my book but this - this just drove him down so many notches. How do you align yourself with such a person; Bishop Bernard; spewing all kinds of mess and conning innocent fools out of their savings. Where do these guys get the balls, the guts to do this. I couldn't do this shit, I fear I'd be laughed right out of town and not before being jailed first. But these jokers - shoot, they keep the bullshit train running and run it does. I think that they even believe their own bullshit too.

Onto Russell and his brother Rev Run. 2 pieces of work! I thought the Rev was ordained at a real church! But this ha ha ha this is a cracker jack box church and no doubt cracker jack degree too. Rev Run - looks like he only joined up this gravy train church since his star status was dwindling and looks like he had to find an new hustle since the Rap game evaporated and hustle he is. All up on MTV, running around officiating at celeb weddings and of course collecting cash. Yes still have the "look at me" complex, can't get out of the celeb racket.

I am so disgusted at him and his brother Russell and the phony charlatanism that black people get sucked into in this country. And its always the poor ones. The ones that want something, crave the good life, much like the losers on that long Lotto line in the 'hood on any given day. Paying for blessings, what a ridiculous joke and that these guys seal the ruse with a few choice ambiguous words from the Bible. I suppose that gives it the stamp of approval for the duped. I just don't get how one could surrender all common sense for this type of shit. That and the phenom that was Jim Jones never ceases to amaze me.


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