Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Enough Already!!!

The whole of America seems to be in an uproar with Imus for the last few days. The question I ask is why?! Why does everyone give a shit. Why is anyone surprised and why do we care. I think the knee jerk reaction is just another way that America is shamed into the glaring mirror of itself. No evolution and still harboring the old behavior still harboring the old guard. It is apparent that nothing will get done after all this. Everyone running out trying to set themselves up as "good" people and trying to get their voices heard and ratings up.

First came Al Sharpton dragging the old haggard beast onto his show just to excortiate him - complete with a phalanx of reporters waiting downstairs. Then he has to go to Rutgers and meet with the team that he besmirched. WHY!!! WHY!! Ignore this jackass, this is not the first time he's done this, he's been racist for years! Has no respect for certain types of people and even he doesn't get that he's a racist! Now everyone wants him to apologized and why and. Fuck it, don't ask for an apology, rip the commercials out from under him and lets keep moving. Don't meet with him don't let him try to explain himself by saying that he cares about sickle cell - yes he said that, and the nerve! What an old broke down douche bag!!! Dumb ass. He needs to be ignored, fired as an example and chucked to the side. Why does America get all in an uproar, just to do nothing, absolutely nothing about these people. And Black Americas, always want an apology and want a forum to forgive. NO!!!!!! Stop this behaviour, cut them off cut them out and stomp on people like this. Fuck Imus, don't meet with him, don't accept some bumbling rambling apology! Why do you want that from a man like this, just enough, get over it and know that these voices are now becoming like whispers in a storm, soon to be blown completely way. Just enough already of them - lights out, no more air play.


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