Monday, February 14, 2005

Dropping Like Flies!

It's been a while since I've posted and man what a handful the world is, ya got phony baloney reporters at the white house that own gay as hell domain names. Uptight homophobic Senators daughters coming out the closet and being disowned!! Whooo too much to handle!! So there's the phoney reporter, lets talk about that, this guy has a made up name, no real claim to fame as a journalist but yet he's all up at the White House shooting off bogus questions and having access to all kinds of suposedly classified documents! And the republican jackasses just find a way to defend and deny!! What assholes! Senator Alan Keyes, big black (most likely self loathing) calls Cheney's daughter a "hedonist" for being gay, is all wearing that wonderful crisp white suit of Christianity, and all the while HIS bloddy daughter is GAY TOO!!! Oh can you say Karma! Now this great Christian, alleged follower of the great redeemer and humanitarian Jesus Christ has taken it upon himself to excommunicate his daugther, cutting off her funds, kicking her out of the house and a home. Oh those warm, kind and generous Christian values on display again. I tell you, everyday things like these emphasise how sick people are and why some organized Religion is one of the worse things on the planet.