Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Another piece of life slips away

So Johnny Carson died and out trot all the old farts to wax poetic about how wonderful, how great blah blah. The vultures of "great eulogies" come out to perch on any show that'll have them on every time one of them passes on to the great yonder. Johnny slipped outta circulation in '92 and none of these old birds never even saw him again, and won't even do so in death. He slipped out and blocked them all off and outta his life, so what makes him so grand. Yeah another tall white thought-to-be-intelligent male dies. Boo hoo, and to top it, I heard that he'd a black granddaughter that he didn't even acknowledge, not to mention that he was a wife beater...humm where are all the boo hoos for that. Toss 'im in and lets keep this train moving, call me harse but hey, it is what it is. And to those who say not to speak ill of the dead; why not, we're all gonna be dead someday and nothing can stop that!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Remembering the Dreamer

Today was Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday Holiday. A very subdued day none the less. There's not a lot of hootin' and hollering going on about this holiday, it comes on the heels of Xmas and New Years and I guess all the air's been let out of most people. MLK was controvertial figure in his day, and no one seems to know how to approach this holiday. From what I've been hearing, it seems to be a day that a majority of the work force does not get off. Anyway. What to do with a dreamer, the dreamer who struggled so hard and tried to make a change so that everyone - all types included could live or even be given 1/2 a chance at that all illusive "american dream" Murdered all too soon he's remembered with less fervor than infamous Christopher Columbus. There isn't even a sale to go with his holiday, I guess no one knows exactly how to approach it. Well MLK your dream still hasn't come true 100%, its nearly there, but until humans get a consious awakening, I don't really know if would.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Guys we need to serve us the world!
WMA - Weapons of Mass Attraction or I dub it, the phenome of the White Male anchor, the attraction, the ensued reliability, credibility etc. Why do we still need to be told the news; and serious news might I add; by "serious" looking types, usually white men with soothingly mundane vocals and calming attributes. As the horror of the recent tsunami unfolded, all these top notch male anchors were dispatched to "fill us in" on the chaos and shear devastation, not a woman on this landscape, not even a Hispanic male and forget a black person. Are people still so stupid that they believe facts more if the person spitting it from their mouths looks like a "father-knows-best" type. Hey folks, it is what it is who the f&*k cares to hear it from Dan Rather, Jennings or any of the other male dunderheads. That sobering voice and calm "daddy's home" demeanor. I guess it works every time. I wonder when this will ever change. Well if anything about indoctrination and brainwashing is holds true; and they're exposed to a new generation - it might be a while.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tsunami of Aid

Now comes the windfall of aid to the tsunami victims and I am almost afraid and almost sure that a lot of this money is going to end up in the hands of the polititians and beauracrats. Already the food and medical aid is piling up, that makes me nervous, will these people get a fair shake, will their lives be rebuilt in the proper manner or will the money just serve to quickly piece together the beach front in hopes of luring back the much needed tourist money that the people of some areas in Thailand so desperately need. This area of the world already had a bad reputation when it came to great human relations. All I could hope and pray for are the people left behind in hopes that right is done by them.
In other news Nelson Mandela's son died of AIDS today and Mandela was brave enough to come forth with that admission. AIDS in Africa has touched just about everyone's life there and the pandemic is only getting worse. Sometimes I wonder if anything could get worse for poor Africa. And African Americans in the US aren't faring much better either, they make up a large brunt of HIV/AIDS infections and only make up a mere 13% of the population. Can someone say crisis!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Day, fresh new horror!

..Or so I seem to walk up thinking these last days...what fresh new horrors will I awaken to the next morning. And so here it is, 4 burned out an apt. in Brooklyn, friendly grandma strangled in her home (looks like a crime of passion) These poor folks made it past Christmas and New Years, only to lose their lives at the dawn of another promising new year. So sad, and what about the folks in South East Asian, tsunami and then torential rain falls complete with floods. Oh God, does it get any worse for some people, when I see or hear people complain about nonsense I just want to grab them, slap them in the face and say - "get a grip!! You don't f%@kin' have problems!!!!" Get over yourself