Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One More Skeleton

Does a week go by anymore without some new Politician being besmirched - today it was the crusading Governor of NY State! Out - and all for some 4k crotch! Undone by tainted love. Now all he is is a bad punchline - 'Pay For Luv Guv' screamed the Daily News, 'Ho No' was the Posts' eloquent byline and we can go on Lord knows we can. There he was standing delivering some sort of speech, and not a resignation by any standards with wife in tow looking shell shocked and glazed over. She was probably standing there thinking about how to dig a whole, jump in and end up at the South Pole of this planet. His 3 daughters shamed. Forever he will go down in history as the go get em Gov that paid for seedy love. Smutty deed, shoulda known better and disappointing. I can also use another word, hoodwinked! Another narcissist impaled on his own sword of over self importance.

Monday, March 10, 2008


...Why do they just keep giving me more artillery. It just blipped on my radar - while digging around on Christopher Hitchens; that Billy Graham had quite a few disparaging comments to make about Jews. Now I ask myself - why am I not shocked or why am I a little disgusted. I never really thought of Billy Graham other that he was that ever present Evangelist running around trying to convert everyone into Christianity and eshewing the fabulous virtues and happiness therein. I never thought he was sleazy and I never really thought he was some bastion of greatness. Did I look up to him, probably not. I never really thought of Mr. Graham other than I didn't think it was too cool to be cavorting too much with Presidents and Politicians, them being the sleazy types. He was too glued on to every President, too much up in-it for my liking. What does being seen and photographed with every other President have to do with the teachings of Jesus or Christianity for that matter. Well apparently I had it all wrong. Not only was he cozying up to Presidents but he showed no reserve when displaying his scorching past prejudices as they related to the Jews. Oh we know how Christians love Jews, especially around Easter!

Its a love hate relationship, love them for being God's "special chosen people" and hate them cause they own everything and hell - they killed Jesus. Mr. Graham had no gumption about saying what he REALLY thought about them and the threat they posed. Now I know I'll get the good old, "well put your trust in God not man" and the old, "we're human we make mistakes" but there are certain mistakes we don't and shouldn't make. Mistakes like perhaps breaking and entering someones house and um, lets see; killing them. Mistakes like sitting your allegedly religious and pious behind in the presence of another human being no matter how "great" you think them to be and having a good ole race bashing and mean spirited conversation. I really expect better from someone that would like to consider themselves a leader and an inspiration to many. It makes me realize that none of these people are even experiencing what they teach, they don't even believe their own bullshit. Because if you did, you wouldn't even debase oneself to that level. Again this just shows that most of these so called "leaders" are just out for their own personal gain and to feed their own twisted egos. And I also don't like to be told that I should pay attention to the message and not the messenger. Really, why do I need a fucked up messenger in the first place. I've a brain I can pretty much figure out the message for myself thank you, no need for a tawdry middleman. Why the hell do I need that.

We need to see people like Graham for what they really are, and that is seriously troubled and maybe always in search for something - maybe the meaning of life. And to tell the truth who isn't and in my opinion, not many people - if any have it! Funny, the Grahams are called the "Royal Family" of American religion, isn't that the problem with us, we always need someone to worship, we simply can't connect on a higher level on our own, always need someone to give up the power to.
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