Thursday, February 07, 2008

Size 8

I work with someone who is the complete embodiement of the insecure, self deluded typical american female. This individual has created an enormous castle of lies and has surrounded herself in it. I imagine that in her head she is completely terrified of facing actual reality because if she did, only God knows what would happen. The individual in question stands about 5' 8 or 9" and weighs in at about 180-200 lbs but has completely convinced herself that she is a size 8. Now I don't know why size 8 - well I do know. She is so consumed with not being "the fat girl" that she is holding onto that size 8 for deal life. Size 8 represents a single digit, the "medium" of sizes, it says you're not that big girl, you're not double digit size, God forbid a 10 or 12 or in her words "if I were a 14 I'd kill myself" Size 8 is that perfect figure, not like the other numbers that don't seem to have much symitry. 8 - the same proportion on top as on the bottom. Size 8 - the last size before well, tsk tsk tsk, you better watch it. Size 8 for her is the last straw before fatdom - a fatdom that she so dreads.
Well if she's thinking like that; well then size 8 is her life raft. Her face nearly cracked when she discovered that a someone was a plus size model at a size 8!!! The look on her face was that of shear terror. The sad reality is that she is just around a size 14/16 and its sad that she tries so hard to convince people that she is not. Sometimes I have the overwhelming urge to yell at the top of my lungs - STOP LYING!!!!!! & then NO ONE CARES!!!!!!! No one really does. So on she goes to anyone that will listen, every wedding that must be attended is blabbered about and of course the dress size has to be announced somewhere in the conversation - we all have to know that she is not a fattie, she is a size 8!


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