Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sadly Another Hole

Well here we are, not but one day off the whole Mother Teresa racket and boom! Prophetess Juanita Bynum, beat down by her estranged husband in a parking lot. Oh my God, is there anyone left at all who actually believes in God anymore. I'm convinced, everyone is simply a fake. From Ted Haggard, to Teresa, to the prophetess. I mean don't prophets forsee the future, couldn't she see this one coming. Married to this joker in 2002 in a million dollar wedding, no doubt with all the dumb adoring parishioners money with a 7.76 carat diamond and a 1000 guests! I mean he coulda been anything but a first rate, kick ass, wear-on-that-tail drag down choke out stomping wife beater - sheeeeet! He takes the cake.

Some of the feedback to this mess - oh um lets see, can't be true, yes the devil made him do it, its Satan, lets blame him, oh pray on it, talk to Jesus. Why can't these fucktards ever take responsibility for their actions, why don't they ever believe in what they preach and why when they fall completely short of what they're supposed to do, why do they get the "the devil made me do it" pass. I am so sick of all these so called pious religious people, lets just pull back the curtains and see these people for what they are, normal, fucked up humans like the rest of us. Stop worshipping them, stop putting them on pedestals, stop drooling, stop hanging onto their every word and know that they don't know no better than you do. And the ones that shout the loudest usually know the less. They don't have answer, and they can't save you. They can't direct your life. Juanita was some type of dynamic speaker, oh she was setting the circuit on fire, she knew it all and she was gonna tell you. Humm guess she was too busy with her yapping, seems she didn't take time to see that her husband was a fraud. Oh well, that's no excuse for her to be beat down like that. Well the hit parade of hypocrisy continues. Damn what next from the peanut gallery, I'm almost afraid to ask.


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