Tuesday, July 10, 2007

House Found!!??

Ok ok so I'm a little excited we since got a new Realtor, looked in a new area - Bergen County and found a cute little home with lots of charm on a shady tree-lined street right down the block from the bus service. We had a bit of a frustrating holding pattern with the strange and inappropriate seller's realtor! I was about to burst just thinking about the lack of work having to be done to this home! That was frustrating that they were stalling! But we got the call and they are going to ink our offer! Oh my goodness, the things to do are as tall as the Empire State Building!!! Just before we got the good news, the old and totally inept realtor called sniffing around. My husband has made it a vow to call and jeer here once we walk over the front threshold of whatever new home we buy!!!

*sigh* This has been a weird process, we started out looking for a 2 family and were completely unprepared and unresearched for what the market was like on those homes. We really thought that we could find a home in the 470k range that was palatial for 2 families! What a laugh, that's what 1 families are going for these days so the 2 family would have to be around 800k and that was a price that none of us could afford. So now its the in-laws looking and we might have found.

Now its all systems go, I'm out the country and back and right to a closing possibly in late August. *whew* I feel like I am about to put on my shoes for a the 5th Ave Mile! The gun is about to blast. Mortgage to be secured, inspection, apt to offer up for rental, kitchen to finish up and off!!! I'm still on the Condo board so we'll see what happens wow!!! Lets do this!

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