Thursday, May 24, 2007

The 2 Step

So our Realtor is chomping at the bait and waiting with baited breath for us to make a bid! Make that bid! But we're making her sweat it out, my husband doesn't want to call her for about 2days. ha I find it funny. Not even to say thanks, nope don't call not even as courtesy. Oh well, I know that the owner might not go for the price that we will throw, so whatever - keep it moving, seems like our realtor wants a fast sale, quick closing and boom get her check, but I've a feeling she's gonna have to work for this money.

Everything we're seeing are just NOT 2 or multi families. In the desireable neighborhoods - nope! They're all uneven, huge space on one level and practical servants' quarters on the other. Nope! don't want that. And the ones that do fit the bill; well they are tore up from the floor up and and need so much work they'll turn into money pits. The most promising so far is 605 Broad but he'd have to drop that price from 489k to about 400k for me to even consider 'cause that upstairs needs so much help!

So we press on, lets get the next batch or head for Middlesex! Stay tuned!!

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