Sunday, May 13, 2007


My husband and I were in yet another discussion about this strange life and its elusive meaning. He believes strongly the the Bible is indeed the word of God. God in essence speaking to man via a conduit - the conduit being some guys in the Middle East about 2 or 3000 years ago.

My questions to ponder are these.

Why would God create man, place him on the planet for thousands, and thousands of years, only to speak to only one set of people. These folks he entrusted with the meaning to and beginning of life. Only speaking to them and leaving it up to them to spread the good word. No other groups of people down here on this massive earth did God want to or bother to communicate with, just the Jews in Israel at that time.

Also, why would an all knowing, all seeing and obviously omnipotent God create us mortals allegedly built to live forever, then take it away - due to Eve and that story. Then dangle immortality back to us again under the premise that through his "earthly" son we will again be able to see all our dead loved ones, we will be reanimated and come again and live in paradise. This too is subjective because this depends on how good we are and if we accepted Christ and even though we are without sin, we've to be sin free to gain access to timeless existence. Then the rest of bad folks will burn in the lakes of hell forever.

So why bother with having us live out a torturous life, die and go through all that just to judge the entire human race from ends of earth to ends of earth, the ones that existed before the Bible was even a thought. What about those people, the people of the Jurassic and all the other "assic" ages, where do they go. And if they get a free pass - well because they were before the Bible and seemed to live life quite ok - why do they need to be judged. They didn't "accept Christ" so what gives. I always seem to get the most infuriating and stupid answers to all these questions by the way. They really make me nuts. And this is why I view the Bible and just another philosophical book, a good one and a historical chronicle of an enlightened and radical man, Jesus. He made a lot of sense but its too bad that most of the book's readers don't and will never get it.


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