Monday, May 21, 2007

Found It!!???

Ok ok ok, so we're kinda hyperventalating! We think we've found the place that we want in Bloomfield Township! The nice part of the township, not what we'd seen on Saturday! Whew, I was beginning to think that was a wrap for me in Essex county! Hi ho Bergen here we come, but we think we found it - BUT - with tenants!

Seems to me that all the so called 2 families are one families carved up and scotched together. So we seemed to've found one and at 489K this is a bit of a stretch. We've to really see what we'll be paying and not be house poor aka working to just keep the bank from off our backs and tossing us out. So thank God I'd been socking those checks away in the savings. My husband is talking fixing up the condo to get ready for rental so his mind is already gone! Hey looks like we did better on our own driving around and all. We'll see how this plays out with the bidding and all, this house could be hot property so don't want to low ball too much - Stay tuned!


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