Monday, June 11, 2007

Say What!

Ladies Invited, Got Cream? Got Tequila? Desi(red), Marijuana - Billions Served, Dinosaur Barbeque, Little Miss Sushine, Kiss Me, Sweet, Sexy, I Always Get What I Want, Rehab is for Quitters, CiaoBella, Kiss Me I'm Irish... and on and on it goes, the T-Shirt babble, saying what the wearer doesn't want to - I guess. The rise of the babble T-shirt is a new one, I didn't notice maybe I was asleep or zoned out. But with this new summer dawning the smarmy T-shirts are on the rise, all jostling with each other and trying to say something to the general public who has somehow now become avid readers of moving phrases.


Anonymous Rodrigo said...

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