Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Made up my Mind

Ok so I have come to a decision, I have made up my mind that I will no longer buy articles of clothing in the US. It was not a hard one, and with an impending home buy looming, the need to spend carefully is key. I will most likely save up some dough - if I can, and intermittantly buy online and have the said items shipped in. Saves me running around picking up shit from the uninspiring Gap or sterile, staid, tried and true Banana Republic. Shopping as a spiritual experience just can't be experienced in NYC either too snobbish or expensive to look great. Why is it that the average gal has to buy into the hip, hard to find "trendy" stores to look smart, snazzy and cute. Paris Hilton just lauched some shit for Kitson - ugh another smarmy name for a store. And it probably features half the stuff at TopShop and Primark for probably tripple the price more! Good Lord.


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