Thursday, August 09, 2007

When in London...

Ok so here are some observations about London. Just in case you're thinking, hey, its a city and just like NYC so things should be just about the same - ah no. Here is my list of strange and different things to look out for if crossing the Atlantic to come to good old London Town.

1. If you're a diet maven like myself, I can't stress this enough; bring your own low/no calorie sugar with you everywhere or pick up a little travel pack at the nearest Sainsbury. There will be no offerings of Equal, Sweet & Low etc. at any coffee shop anywhere.

2. Pick up the bounty travel tissues/napkins they saved my life. These folks here don't really offer napkins or tissues so that will come in handy.

3. If you like your coffee with half and half or non-dairy creamer, well leave that dream behind in the States. There is just whole milk here for coffees and teas. You'll get a strange look if you ask for half and half or creamer. By the way, the only cream you're getting here for warm drinks is whipping cream.

4. You will be robbed on every purchase of coffee or tea here. It is the equivalent of US $3 per cup!!! Yikes!

5. You will be robbed on every purchase of food. Every small meal will cost you no less than US $9. Pack your meals people.

6. Ground floor is one floor, 1st floor is another one altogether. They are not the same. Good luck figuring that one out.

These are just a few that I remember but sometimes its a bit odd. Especially on the coffee front. Oh well, nothing to lose your cool at. Just get your game head right and don't come here expecting to no bleed money - London is NOT cheap.


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