Saturday, March 31, 2007

And The Lord Spoke

"The LORD spoke to Moses" "The LORD called to Moses" "Lord's commands" and on and on it goes, the Lord speaking to Moses and instructing him about what "he" wants, no maimed, no deformed, no this or that. All this "talking" of the Lord. The Lord seemed to do a lot of talking then. If one believes that you should wonder why the "Lord" isn't doing to much chatting to anyone now. One has to scrutinize the Bible and its contents, and the many authors of the numerous books. On and on the laws and stories go and they should be taken as that but we don't. We fight over this book, some live exactly by it, we condemn, incriminate, criminalize, separate, demonize, colonize, conquer, persecute, defraud and psychologically blackmail. These stories, some good, many tell of the age old condition of the human, the condition that exists to this day. Some stories are of the mystical, people being risen from the dead, water to wine, and on and on they go. It is a colorful book to be read keeping a caveat in mind.

I am probably one of the few folks that actually read this book. Many crowding churches and pontificating weekly never crack this book, it all seems to be hearsay about many issues. The crowds sit obediently in their pews every week and read that one verse, read that one passage and suck in the analogy from their priest, pastor or whomever. Never a discussion, no feed back the congregation is told what to think and told the interpretation and case closed. Don't think, just accept. There that's what it is, your mind has been herded in and doesn't need to leave this pen, just leave it there and don't you dare even look out of the pen. Is this the Lord speaking again, is he really "talking" to these so called leaders. Who really knows, hey I think he speaks to me, but hey not too many want to hear what I've to say, nope. Too radical, but then again Jesus was a radical so there.

I'll be delving more into the good book, looking at how women are perceived and how the perceptions still exist to this day. Women, the Jezebel, the curious "original sinner" Eve and the virtuous virginal Mary. Women, the Bible and how men deal with this the other sex from the early days right on until current and women and religion.