Thursday, October 28, 2004

Let The Games Begin

If anyone shouldn't think that the recent elections aren't shear theatrical display one should just tune in to any 24hr cable channel both guys "people" think that their guy is gonna be the winner and they're both running neck and we see 2000 deja vu! Its gonna be one old muddle, whoever wins still is IT in the nasty game of Iraq tag. That's one mess! And the "winner" has to take on that mess and try to get it resolved. I always think that these contendors are all planned out by one big organization. These guys are always governors, were somehow in the right places at the right times in history, kinda went to the same schools. Its almost like they groomed them from the get go. Folks don't fool yourself that anyone of you dumb schulbs could even get a shot at smelling the Presidency. I think that the leader of this nation does nothing but in a mere figurehead, looking good waving, getting on AF1 making stump speeches and showing up at the allotted events. Nothing more nothing less...somewhere there is someone working hard in a little dark room hammering out policies and negotiating things...some thankless job some faceless anonymous person who one day will be made public. As for the guy at the helm ha ha don't bet your lucky stars on it!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Passionate on the Passion

So I started to watch the now famous - or infamous; whichever way you look at it; movie done by Mel Gibson. Mel ponied up a lot of his own money to make this well worn and overly told story come to life in some great graphic and cinematographic lengths. Now the Passion; or as we may call it, the final hours of our dear Jesus Christ's life was quite torturous. I got as far as the Roman soldiers - or was it the Jews, well some group. I got as far as this bulling group was just about bashing the poor defenseless Jesus, knocking him over some sort of barricade/stone wall thing and...well you get the picture. And this is just the beginning, now I say to myself, do I want to go through with the rest of this mess?? After all sitting and watching 2hrs of shear, graphic brutality rented upon any individual; which storyline I pretty much know; is pointless. He died for our sins. More like he was bashed apart for them, from as much as I can tell. My question to God would be, why send your son, or the human manifestation of yourself to be put asunder by such horrible means. Was this the ultimate guilt trip, I mean after sending all the prophets, Moses with the 10 Commandments, Noah and the flood and the list goes'd think that the Jews or whoever were the intended audience would get the .
picture - and the picture being - "hey guys, get it together, stop the senseless sinning and get back into the fold" - nope...he sent a son out to be the Messiah for the "chosen" folks...them being the Jews, in one last ditch effort to rope them back in again. I wonder to myself sometimes, why so much time spent trying to get the Jews' attention...its obvious they were into other things, why not try with lets say umm Egyptians or someother native tribe in some other far flung corner of the earth. But I digress. So the Jews whom God has allegedly spent so much time trying to get together now in this year of Our Lord, still don't believe that the poor battered and knocked about Jesus was his son. Well so much for that abuse!
Well the Passion and Passion plays have the capacity to get a lotta people all worked up, the Jews were worked up 'cause they said that this new Hollywood enhanced version only ramps up on the old Passion plays of yore that would incite many to bash THEM as the "Christ Killers" and the Christians got all worked up crying in theatres country wide, afirming their belief in Jesus' dying as salvation. This movie would now be a tool to gather more into the fold, the big sell. Jesus was soooo tortured and tormented for YOU YOU YOU!!! Get ye to Christianity NOW, how dare you besmirch this sacrificed soul. Sometimes it almost reads like those human sacrifices by far flung tribes, those ones that put the virgins or whoever into pits and thrown on knives for the sake of rain or say good favors from the Gods. Who knows what anything means any more, but in all the rukus I just choose to step outside the rink and let everyone duke it out. Hum lemme see should I get back to watching the Passion; well I might hang in until like the torture rendered on Jesus its just too much to bear.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Oktober Mind Fest!

Well another day has sunk unceremoniously into night and winter draws closer, the close tight clutches of the season of death are upon us. Boredom closing in on every front and the cupboards calling out...only problem, I've got no junk to I just end up drinking unrealistic amounts of diet soda and home made lemonade! Gosh wish I could be in Amsterdam right now at La Cana Elections draw near and who would believe that its been 4yrs since the nicompoop took over the White God. Well for those of you who still have a brain would join me in calling for the legalization of what else...yeah drugs. Thats a whole 'nother rant, the so called "war on drugs" is such a farce anyway!!
Well onto another interesting and schintillating mess...yes Bill O'Reilly...who knew he was such a randy old dude...after all that chatter about the rappers and the dirty raps...looks like he was gettin' his dirty rap on too. Check out
the smoking gun for all the tawdry details! Of course who can believe this strange gal but hey its entertaining non-the-less!!!! Did I also mention that I was a GIANT Howard Stern fan and he is going to Sirus I can't wait until he can be on a forum away from the clutches of all these conservative assholes where he can get down dirty and RAUNCHY!!! YIPPPEEE!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Fat fact check

News flash....there is no cure for fatness, yeah, thought ya needed to know, me- always in search of ways to ever stay on top of a somewhat waxing and waning slim self. We are adrift in a sea of all the awful factors that encourage that messy weight gain we hate so much, too much winter, summer ice-cream, desk jockey, demanding I-hate-my-boss-and-job job. Unfettered accessability to an endless array of comforting, albeit bad as hell foods in which to wrap oneself and current sorrows in. Name you vice, bread ice-cream ah whatever...truth is we're all recovering or addicts of something or the other. Maybe the molecular make up of the average human being is just to be an addictive mess!

Debate Debacle

Well folks, there you have it 3rd debate down and I haven't heard anything different from the last 2 times, and does anyone even care...are these 2 jerks gonna run the country anyway or is it just running itself. Same rhetoric, "kill the terrorists", "hunt them down" "no child left behind" "I have a plan" "freedom is on the march" and blather blather blather! Can you believe in all the square milage of this here great nation, this is all they could come up with to run it??!! 2 repetative boobs. Kerry the panderer and Bush the praying idiot. No one can get work & we're talking about gays trying to hook up!! Kerry skewered the Bush camp by - what I thought was pure bad taste - mentioning Cheney's gay daughter is something totally unrelated. I just about wanted to crawl under a rug right then.
Bush on abortion (another non-issue): uh ahh we want less of that, we're trying to creat easier adoption, maternal centers...ah something like that far off in the horizon.
Kerry on abortion: I'm catholic, catholic...was an alter boy infact, but freedom to choose, you know uh alter boy belieft won't impede humm gotta think about those swing states....
Ah well there you have it step right up and cast your best vote. Good luck, they're all the same anyway.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The elections are upon us and boy are the good ole boy politicians out and about canvasing and carryin' on, the debates...if you wanna call them that. Yada yada, everyone of them making promises that they probably cannot keep anyway, none of the 2 sides. Skull and bones as on writer puts it. All in the same camp. The debates are a farce, a set up, a shill game on the American people. Cheney gettin' whupped by Edwards, Edwards taking a snipe from scurly ass Cheney! Yeah how to fix Israel and all...good luck NO ONE CAN FIX THE ISRAELI/PALISTINIAN conflict...get over that shit, they'll NEVER get along!!! Stop trying godammit!!! How the hell are any of you guys gonna help me....oh oh Cheney voted against Mandela coming outta jail and Martin Luther King Day!!!??? whoa, I knew he looked like a mean old codger bastard. Politicians, just looking to enhance their resumes and show off themselves, they don't roll up there sleeves and get in there, nah, too busy gladhanding, kissing babies, attending dinners, signing off on bogus legislations and talking a good game. Fuck all of em!