Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One More Skeleton

Does a week go by anymore without some new Politician being besmirched - today it was the crusading Governor of NY State! Out - and all for some 4k crotch! Undone by tainted love. Now all he is is a bad punchline - 'Pay For Luv Guv' screamed the Daily News, 'Ho No' was the Posts' eloquent byline and we can go on Lord knows we can. There he was standing delivering some sort of speech, and not a resignation by any standards with wife in tow looking shell shocked and glazed over. She was probably standing there thinking about how to dig a whole, jump in and end up at the South Pole of this planet. His 3 daughters shamed. Forever he will go down in history as the go get em Gov that paid for seedy love. Smutty deed, shoulda known better and disappointing. I can also use another word, hoodwinked! Another narcissist impaled on his own sword of over self importance.


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