Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sadly Another Hole

Well here we are, not but one day off the whole Mother Teresa racket and boom! Prophetess Juanita Bynum, beat down by her estranged husband in a parking lot. Oh my God, is there anyone left at all who actually believes in God anymore. I'm convinced, everyone is simply a fake. From Ted Haggard, to Teresa, to the prophetess. I mean don't prophets forsee the future, couldn't she see this one coming. Married to this joker in 2002 in a million dollar wedding, no doubt with all the dumb adoring parishioners money with a 7.76 carat diamond and a 1000 guests! I mean he coulda been anything but a first rate, kick ass, wear-on-that-tail drag down choke out stomping wife beater - sheeeeet! He takes the cake.

Some of the feedback to this mess - oh um lets see, can't be true, yes the devil made him do it, its Satan, lets blame him, oh pray on it, talk to Jesus. Why can't these fucktards ever take responsibility for their actions, why don't they ever believe in what they preach and why when they fall completely short of what they're supposed to do, why do they get the "the devil made me do it" pass. I am so sick of all these so called pious religious people, lets just pull back the curtains and see these people for what they are, normal, fucked up humans like the rest of us. Stop worshipping them, stop putting them on pedestals, stop drooling, stop hanging onto their every word and know that they don't know no better than you do. And the ones that shout the loudest usually know the less. They don't have answer, and they can't save you. They can't direct your life. Juanita was some type of dynamic speaker, oh she was setting the circuit on fire, she knew it all and she was gonna tell you. Humm guess she was too busy with her yapping, seems she didn't take time to see that her husband was a fraud. Oh well, that's no excuse for her to be beat down like that. Well the hit parade of hypocrisy continues. Damn what next from the peanut gallery, I'm almost afraid to ask.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Heart

"Lord, my God, who am I that You should forsake me? The Child of your Love, and now become as the most hated one, the one You have thrown away as unwanted, unloved. I call, I cling, I want, and there is no One to answer, no One on Whom I can cling, no, No One. Alone. Where is my Faith - even deep down right in there is nothing, but emptiness & darkness. My God, how painful is this unknown pain. I have no Faith. I dare not utter the words & thoughts that crowd in my heart & make me suffer untold agony."

And there they are, the words of the revered and oh so pious and much suffering, loved Mother Teresa. The doubt, the loss of the voice, the voice she heard so many years before beckoning her to "serve" This just brings home the point that I continue to make and will make until I cease being; and that is - anyone that doesn't question the existence of God and all the trappings of man-made religion or the reason for all this is either mentally ill, in terrible denial or simply a liar. Done. Point blank, and the so-called super pious ones are the most guilty of them all. There it is in writing her turmoil. Turmoil why because here you are the voice, the symbol of all that is Godly in the eyes of the adoring public, the Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, beatified and sanctified but full of doubt and failing faith. The words painful to read and all I could think is what a great inner turmoil she must've been in. And that is the problem with Religion, all teaching is heavy on the doing but nothing of spirituality. All they tell you is "you'll hear God" "God will speak" its all about signs and signals and after a while she realized that it was all garbage and would go as far to say that she was probably misguided. All the work she did, all the relief and happiness she brough to so many, it couldn't quench her burning desire to be all the more closer to God to Jesus. And her dismay might have been greater as she looked down on that adoring mass, thinking that she must've had that special private line to the Almighty when she didn't. Oh the sorrow, the dismay and that is the pain that comes out of the diary.

She didn't want the letters to be published - of course she didn't. The super-pious must always appear steadfast to their minions, any sign of faltering could be the crumbling of an age old institution. So what now, what about Sainthood for Ms. Teresa. Who knows, I write all this not to criticize or condemn the dear Mother but only to stress the point. We are all human and none of us is greater in piety or any "closer" to the higher being aka God than the other. None of us has Jesus' private line, none of us can get a message through to God faster. We are all children of God and we all can connect and that is what the good Mother lost in the fray and the publicity and the grand expectations. She too expected grandly and unrealistically and was terribly disappointed on her own accounts. This is sad. I'm not gloating but just making a point - its all real, none of us are superheroes and no one should be worshiped, no one can pray for us, no one can deliver messages faster and more efficiently to any diety, we're all responsible for our faith and our relationships with God and that's what the church and religion doesn't want us to believe but Mother Teresa's own words are damning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Made up my Mind

Ok so I have come to a decision, I have made up my mind that I will no longer buy articles of clothing in the US. It was not a hard one, and with an impending home buy looming, the need to spend carefully is key. I will most likely save up some dough - if I can, and intermittantly buy online and have the said items shipped in. Saves me running around picking up shit from the uninspiring Gap or sterile, staid, tried and true Banana Republic. Shopping as a spiritual experience just can't be experienced in NYC either too snobbish or expensive to look great. Why is it that the average gal has to buy into the hip, hard to find "trendy" stores to look smart, snazzy and cute. Paris Hilton just lauched some shit for Kitson - ugh another smarmy name for a store. And it probably features half the stuff at TopShop and Primark for probably tripple the price more! Good Lord.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

When in London...

Ok so here are some observations about London. Just in case you're thinking, hey, its a city and just like NYC so things should be just about the same - ah no. Here is my list of strange and different things to look out for if crossing the Atlantic to come to good old London Town.

1. If you're a diet maven like myself, I can't stress this enough; bring your own low/no calorie sugar with you everywhere or pick up a little travel pack at the nearest Sainsbury. There will be no offerings of Equal, Sweet & Low etc. at any coffee shop anywhere.

2. Pick up the bounty travel tissues/napkins they saved my life. These folks here don't really offer napkins or tissues so that will come in handy.

3. If you like your coffee with half and half or non-dairy creamer, well leave that dream behind in the States. There is just whole milk here for coffees and teas. You'll get a strange look if you ask for half and half or creamer. By the way, the only cream you're getting here for warm drinks is whipping cream.

4. You will be robbed on every purchase of coffee or tea here. It is the equivalent of US $3 per cup!!! Yikes!

5. You will be robbed on every purchase of food. Every small meal will cost you no less than US $9. Pack your meals people.

6. Ground floor is one floor, 1st floor is another one altogether. They are not the same. Good luck figuring that one out.

These are just a few that I remember but sometimes its a bit odd. Especially on the coffee front. Oh well, nothing to lose your cool at. Just get your game head right and don't come here expecting to no bleed money - London is NOT cheap.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Out of the mix

When in England shopping is great yes but it is always a good idea to get out of the city proper and head for what the English quaintly call - The Seaside. And Brighton is the epitome of that. This is the typical English seaside, pebbles instead of sand, deck chairs, ample candy, lanes, shopping, fish & chips and all. Brighton is a sweet town full of old world touches. I really thought I was coming to dismal and dreary but the day was absolutely fabulous. Beautiful sunshine and what was that, did the ocean actually look like it had a hint of blue, clear water - could it be?? In England. Unbelievable!!! Yes folks the ocean was lovely and all the English were laid out on the pebbles, sunning and tanning their pale palours from all that rainy sunless weather. The seaside was packed and it was on. Not to mention that this was Gay Pride weekend so the crowds were more plentiful. The Lanes were crowded, the men's shirts were off and England was feeling a heatwave.

Brighton is great, one has to walk the Pier which is complete with amusment rides, lots of sweet shops, fish & chips - which everyone that comes to Brighton must try - and all this sits on a Pier that juts out into and over the ocean for about 1/2 mile, so any wrong moves - well you get the idea, you're all wet.

After walking and sitting on the pebbly beach it was time to go over to the famous Momma Cherri's for dinner - Soul Food cooking down in Brighton, a soul as it gets. Each person shelled out £16 and the choice of platters was for the taking - ribs, sweet potato wedges, jambalaya, fried chicken and all. Momma Cherri's is cute, it occupies a 3 storied building and seats not too many. The staff seems a little overwhelmed and Momma Cherri's daughter seems to do all the food service after the order has been taken and that's a good take on the place. Brighton is about 1hr drive away from the city so take that into account. A whole day is a good time to spend there to totally soak in and enjoy the city. The National Rail also runs there so you can shoot out of London and dodge the sometimes crippling British traffic and parking issues. Brighton seaside - really expect the unexpected!