Thursday, June 23, 2005

Justice for 3 Never Too Late!

"Edgar Ray Killen, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, received prison sentences totaling 60 years today for manslaughter in the killings of three civil rights workers in Mississippi"

That's right BITCH rott in fucking hell you nasty old White Racist bastard, I hope they beat the shit outta his old funky ass in prison. Justice came waaaay too late, after 40 years this old buzzard is finally going to jail. America should be embarassed with a capital E for this. 40 years! and now you have justice for the heinous taking of 3 innocent lives, lives that just wanted a fair, free and equal world, or at least that much in the dreaded South! To all the juries that let this man walk free 40yrs ago may they too and their offspring rot in hell alongside this bum, there is no justice fit for these villans!
This is a disgraceful stain on America's history, but there are so many, its like where do you begin. All I know is the the South is pretty much besmirched its like a sad no mans land more like no black mans land. But for now I want this dick head to Rest his tired ass and rot his cripple ass in the jail cell, you can be all the baptist preacher you wanna be, but Karma is a bigger BITCH!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wacky Side Show

"IT'S OFFICIAL!: Couch owners are on high alert this morning amid news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are engaged. At a news conference in Paris Friday morning, Cruise confirmed that he popped the question to his scuba-diving partner just hours earlier, high atop the Eiffel Tower. "Today is a magnificent day for me," he said. "I'm engaged to a magnificent woman." No wedding date has been set: "We haven't discussed that," Cruise added. "One step at a time." Yeah, the last thing they want to do is rush things." ha ha ha ha

Ok ok I had to comment on this latest. So it seems that the War of the Worlds is about to crest into movie theatres but the better show is the one surrounding it's lead and famous star - Mr. Movie himself, Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise what can I say about him; pint sized, movie maverick, known for making the lasses (and a few dykes a la Rosie O'Donnell) swoon and sweat over his unfadeable sex appeal, smoldering demeanor and stunning "movie star" looks. He has all the right moves and God bless him, the perfect leading man look. Nowadays it seems that we're getting a glimpse of another Tom, a rather strange and interestingly might I add freakish Tom. We all love it and are eating up the stories in the rags like hungry guests at a long awaited Thanksgiving meal complete with all the fixin's. Tom's Oprah romp was legendary! He pranced, kicked up his little heels proclaimed love and excitement, rolled about and after all that; he seemed to be stumped when Oprah asked where he and the now legendary Katie Holmes met. Hey that didn't slow him down from jetting off to lovely Paris to get engaged, all that after 4wks of strange publicity driven courtship. Yes Tom's meltdown seemed to come after he fired his long time publicist and his sister to do that job. She let him off that leash and away he went - who knew. I wish I could say that I didn't love it but I truly do, its farcical and comedy at its best! I know we can't get enough of it and we can't wait to see where the train wreck is headed, and we all know its headed for the nearest wall. Katie in all her naiveté and virginesque dumbness confessed; like so many her girlish crush on Tom as the Scientology couple blasted out of the starting gates of this latest celebrity wacky side show!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not Guilty - Innocent?

So is Michael Jackson going to finally learn to stay away from young latin-like boys, stay away from having dubious characters share his bed, inhibit his personal space, work for him etc. It seemed that the jury was more disgusted at the mother dearest of this latest young fella than actually thinking that Michael was a poedophile. When the day was done, they all said that they thought she was incredible and incredulous. What a dog and pony show and side show for the media, a field day for them, I think that most in the media secretly were convicting poor weird Michael. Humm now they're all eating shit and talking all over their dumb faces and you could see it in their faces that they're wondering "what the...." Shut down, no more fan fare, no media madness as Michael goes to jail! ha ha Go look for Natalee Holloway now. And the fans, do these people work; the news interviewed a German guy! What the hey! But Mr. Michael walked away a free man and they're gonna be lots of people now with book deals, first start with the Jury box then, the hangers ons and the prosecutor and maybe even stupid old Snedon! What a dummy he should hang his head in shame, man did he have a hard on for Michael or what. So kill the story folks, Michael ain't going to jail, and ya'll ain't gonna have all that to talk about! ha So go back to running around looking for white women and kidnapped white babies! Bitches!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

1-800-Blame A Nigga

"The night Holloway disappeared, she spent part of the evening partying at a restaurant and then in the back seat of a car kissing a 17-year-old Dutch student, according to lawyers quoting from testimony from two Surinamese brothers - friends of the Dutch boy - arrested in the case along with him."

Ok I'm still stewing on this shit, this "honor" student "good girl" seemed to be having quite a time out on the town with the Dutch/Surinamese/Indian boys, my question that no one is answering is "where the f**k were her friends? Did she not tell any of them that she had a crush on or was going out on a lil tryst with any of these guys. Humm seems to me like its what Paul Mooney called the 1-800-Blame A Nigga syndrome. When you fuck up shit and things go awfully wrong - just blame a nigga, blame the dumb black security guards at the hotel, cause we all know how much they just wanted to hump and dump a drunk stupid young white girl out on vacation from good ole Alabamy! Yes blame them, the President of the island is more interested in friggin' damage control that anything else, he's losing his mind that the good white folks that visit this beautiful island will now think that the natives are no longer docile and smiling but under the smiles might be lascivious, lurking deviant and marauding desires. And with the drying up of those folk so too those strong dollars! So here we go on this new merry go 'round of everyone pointing the fingers and the next and the President calling on ALL civil servants on the island of some 97,000 to stop work and run out looking for the white girl - WHITE GIRL MISSING - STOP THE PRESSES!!! And another person saying that this is like 9/11 - HELLO NEWS FLASH, I don't think too many people even know about this, and why are we being inundated with all this news, we can't help, we're in the U.S. not Aruba!!! Again why is it that at the first instance of any white women missing we all have to stop, drop and get out there and find her!!! Poor Natalee's mom think she is still alive - I could only imagine the horror that she must be feeling right now, but alive; even I would have to come to the awful realization that this was merely a dream. *sigh* so here we go again another week and another round of Find Natalee, and what happened and who kissed who in what back seat, and who's praying where and poor Aruba having the scorching light of bad publicity seared into its name, and people arrested who have nothing to do with a case other that seeing a drunk white woman return from a tryst. My solution, when you see white women out on the town ripping and tearing - guys of melanin - please just run the other direction as fast as you can, unless you want to get that call and your file pulled from 1-800-Blame-A Nigga.

Friday, June 10, 2005

White Woman Missing - Stop Everyone!

Ok I'm back and on a roll! So we got a new missing white woman - yes a blond, a Ms. Holloway who went astray or was led astray by the boogie man, the black boogie man on an island in the Caribbean. Humm I lived in the Caribbean and I know how these gals wild out when they get there in the sun and surf. Now lets examine this latest case - she goes out to bar with friends but somehow, doesn't come home with them, I figure she didn't cause they said that she was supposed to go back to the hotel room. So why was she going back to the hotel room alone when she was out drinking with friends. See just another glossing over of a story when it young white "perfect" and pretty. My guess - drunk gal, drunk friends, wild out, men had a free for all she gets into car, passes out, dead somewhere, men run off and there is your story. No boogie man, just a reckless night out and now we got a problem. Why is no one asking the question of why did Natalee leave with these strange men and what is she doing in a bar drinking??!! And why is the Aruban tourist board all up in arms about this shit because they so scared that people won't come back to Aruba!! Please, don't leave anywhere with strange men and you won't end up dead or missing!!! Lets talk about that! They're worried about their image and this gal is running off or being taken off by strange men - humm - the nightmare of all white folks! Dragged off into the night by some black gorilla! Probably lifted on his shoulder like how King Kong did that lil woman. Well all I can hope for is the best, but hey how many black women go missing and no one gives a damn - Guess we'll never know.